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I love books. I love reading them, holding them and just being around them. Some of the best times I’ve ever had involved books in some manner. It shouldn’t be surprising to learn I also love to write.

I wrote my first story when I was seven years old and in second grade. A friend wanted to put together a book of short stories on WWII and asked me to write one. The war had been over fewer than 20 years and TV had shows such as Combat! and 12 O’clock High that provided some background. I wrote the story and he included it in his book he was putting together. I’ve always wondered what happened to that book.

I really started writing in earnest as a teenager. Then, I joined the Navy and my writing consisted of  reports for military intelligence for several years. Eventually, I returned to my fiction writing and tried to get my short stories published – unsuccessfully. I still have those stories. Some are pretty bad, but some are pretty good. Hopefully, I will resurrect them, along with the outlines I wrote for others, and put them together in a book.

But, my commercial writing career was interrupted once again when I became a professor of physics. Instead of writing for entertainment, I was writing scientific and academic papers. Which led me to my first book.

It began in my astronomy classes but spread quickly – the world was going to end on December 21, 2012 because the Mayan calendar was coming to an end on that day. I started getting questions about it every where I went. I would go to parties and people would ask me about it. I would meet friends of friends and they would ask me about it. I would meet random strangers and they would ask me about it. I finally decided I needed to write a book on the subject and published Dialogues on 2012: Why the World Will Not End.

I didn’t write the book thinking I would make money. If you write a book that says the world will end you’ll sell a million copies. If you write a book that says the world will not end no one is interested. Just the way it is. The reason I wrote that book is because it was something I wanted to do. It was fun. I got to do a bunch of interviews for newspapers, magazines and radio and I was able to get the message out.

After that, I decided to do a similar book on global warming. After starting it, I dropped the effort and walked away. The problem was I realized it was very scientific and no one would read it. Eventually, though, I came back and wrote it for the same reason I wrote the 2012 book – because I wanted to. So, I published my second book, Undeniable! Dialogues on Global Warming.

After that I was hooked. I had retired from the Navy and Navy Reserve and left academia in order to move to the Texas Hill Country. Now, I spend my time working on my scientific research and my writing, including my first fiction novel, All that Maddens and Torments.

I am loving what I am doing and more books are on the way.  I hope you enjoy them.


Chris Keating, January 2015


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