Undeniable!: Dialogues on Global Warming

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To say climate change makes people emotional would be an understatement. Ask someone for their opinion on the topic and you are likely to get a lively discussion. This is equally true of people that accept the science as it is for people that don’t.

The basis of this book is that the amount of scientific evidence is now so overwhelming that anyone can prove man-made climate change is real and the only way you can believe it isn’t is to reject science and logic. I do not say that in an offensive way, I say it as a matter-of-fact. Simply, that is the conclusion the scientific evidence leads us to and to reach any other conclusion would require us to ignore the science.

This book shows how the evidence, the data and the science to back-up this claim is available to anyone. The age of the Internet has made more information available to more people than at any time in all of history. Unfortunately, that also means more disinformation is available than at any other time. It becomes the responsibility of the user to realize what is valid and what is snake-oil.

If you wish to believe global warming isn’t real, that it isn’t caused by manmade emissions, or that there is nothing we can do about it, that is your business. You are free to believe in anything you want. But, if you are interested in learning more about what is going on and want to have an open-minded discussion, then this book is for you. If you are already convinced global warming is real and just want to learn more about it, then I think you will find it helpful. Mostly, this book was written for the people that don’t know what to believe. I try to present claims from both sides of the debate and to show why each is valid, or invalid.

In my book, three friends discuss global warming. In the same manner employed by Galileo, one friend presents the arguments of climate change deniers, one presents the scientific case and the third plays both sides. Their discussion is carried out by email, not only because this provides a bit of updating of the style, but it allowed me to use the subject lines on the emails and allows time for the players to research things before responding.

This format also allows me to present the issue in a debate format. Both sides of the issue are presented and discussed. It is not possible to present all of the claims by the deniers (that would take a very large book) or to present all of the scientific evidence (that would take many volumes of large books), but I tried to present a good cross-section from both camps.

It should be no surprise that there is a lot of science here. I tried to make it as easy a read as I could. I hope you read it. I hope you enjoy it. But, mostly, I hope you learn that global warming is real and a very serious problem that we need to address.


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