Global Warming Skeptic Challenge

The Global Warming Skeptic Challenge promised to pay $10,000 (later $30,000) to anyone who, using the scientific method, could prove manmade global warming was not real. Eighty-six submissions (including some duplicates) are presented along with the response reviewing the scientific validity of each. End notes, a bibliography and an index make this a handy reference on the debate on the reality of manmade climate change and global warming. The book is free as a downloadable PDF file.

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That Which Maddens and Torments

o Black was the key to a puzzle. The only problem was, no one bothered to tell her. As a result, she found herself in a crossfire between people who wanted her dead and those who needed her alive. The people using her were ruthless. But there was something they didn’t understand - so was she. She was going to have to see this fight through to the end. And, that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. They weren’t the only ones that could hunt.

Fiction. Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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Purple Legion

Roger Tucci was a woman whisperer. He could get women to do nearly anything he wanted and they were glad to get in his bed. And, he couldn’t resist them. Now, it was going to kill him. The throat cancer he contracted from HPV had metastasized into his lungs and he had only months to live. With the end in sight, he turned to the Patricia Kennealy to take care of his affairs when he died – the one woman he knew who never went to bed with him. The problem is he left his business affairs in a state of disarray. Now, Patricia had to sort it all out at the risk of losing everything herself.

An offbeat story about the unforeseen consequences of our actions, Purple Legion is not for everyone. While there is only one, minor sex scene, sex is a continuing thread throughout the story.

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